Ma batea gandul sa fac un smoothie astazi asa ca mi-am scormonit frigiderul dupa niste fructe. Am gasit: un pic de pepene galben, cateva capsuni si jumatate de caisa. Aducandu-mi aminte de reteta Inei de inghetata de capsuni, am pus in blender pepenele (cam jumatate de pepene mic aveam acolo), vreo 8 capsuni, jumatatea de caisa, 3 linguri de zahar de trestie, 200 ml de smantana dulce si o “bula” de inghetata de vanilie. Le-am amestecat bine si am decis sa impart compozitia in 2: jumatate a mers la congelator si va fi inghetata (poze cand e gata) si jumatate in pahar cu pai pentru mine (poze nu mai am ca l-am baut).


I was thinking of making myself a smoothie today and searched my fridge for some fruit. Luckily, I had some melon, some strawberries and half an apricot. Thinking of Ina’s strawberry ice cream recipe, i put the melon, strawberries (half a small melon, about 8 medium strawberries), the half apricot, 200 ml cream (the one that you whip and get whipped cream), 3 tablespoons of cane sugar and 1 scoop vanilla ice cream in the blender. I blended them all together really well.

I then thought I’d better make that an ice cream, but I was still craving for my smoothie. So I put half in a glass (sorry, no picture there, it’s all gone) and half in a casserole that went into the freezer. You’ll get pictures of that when it’s ready.

I did taste the smoothie and it was reaaaally good. I highly recommend it, it’s quite refreshing. I hope the ice cream will turn out good too!


Melon and strawberry smoothie…and ice cream 🙂